Nutritional Coaching

Fit 360 offers individual or group nutritional coaching.  This includes,  but not limited to, in-person, phone consultations,weekly seminars and corporate functions. 

We coach you on how to easily incorporate a proper supply of whole food based nutrition from seventeen fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  Our program includes food journaling, health assessments and measurements, grocery shoping tours, and more.  This service is offered by appointment only.  Learn how to fuel your body with concentrated whole food based nutrition.

If going to the grocery store is painful for you we can help!  Let’s go grocery shopping together!  One of our qualified team members will take you through the grocery store of your choice and guide you towards the healthier selections to aid in achieving your fitness goals.  Possibly a pantry sweap it necessary as well?  If you’d like us to shop with you it’s ideal for us to make a pit stop at your home first to see what you and your family like.  Dispose the unncesary and make room for the good!