Member Showcase


Fit 360 recognizes Colette for all her dedication, hard efforts, strength abilities and fitness level progressions! Colette is always early to class and pushes herself every single class!  She train hard and we admire her focus! She gives 100% every workout and we are impressesd!  Colette inspires many fitness enthusiasts out there and her charm, sweetness and geuine likability makes her such a positive ball of energy.  Colette is tiny and mighty!  Nice loaded bear-crawl action shot Colette!

We asked Colette a few questions to share with our fans and this is what Colette had to say:

1. Why do you exercise and how do you keep motivated? I exercise because I want to stay fit and not gain weight.  At my age it is easy to put the weight on but difficult to take it off so I want to stay ahead of the game.  I also exercise to keep my health in check and keep my sugar (diabetic) down in the normal range.  What keeps me motivated is my health and to stay healthy for the people who love me.  I know what it is like to lose a loved one and I want to be around for a long time.

2. What is your favorite type of workout and why? My favorite type of work out – hmmmm  I do like the stations and any exercise for abs.  We can all use that.  I don’t want muffin top.  LOL  I like the variety of exercise Bootcamp offers, so it is hard to pick a favorite.

3. How long have you been taking Fit 360 classes? What keeps you dedicated to fitness? I have been taking boot camp since 2009.  I was going through a tough time in my life after my husband  died and I was working out at the rec center and saw boot camp in session. I got curious and decided I needed to do something for myself and to keep my mind occupied.  I talked to Roseanne who was so upbeat and friendly.  She made it so easy to join and experience a new adventure.  Exercise is a good way to release anxiety and stress.  I needed to concentrate on me and keeping me healthy.  I have some health issues and if I didn’t take care of myself I would really be in trouble.  This helps me stay in control of some of the factors that effect health issues. 

4. What can you say about exercise to encourage our readers to keep with it? I use to work out 4 times a week on my own at the rec center.  I was doing the same stuff over and over again.  It got monotonous.  I wasn’t building muscles and I was getting bored.  Bootcamp has taught me so many things that I can use even during my work outs on my own.  I love the diversity of the workouts.  You are never bored.  They come up with new exercises all the time.  Roseanne and Kelly and the other members motivate me.  Roseanne and Kelly cheer me on to make me strive to do better and encourage me and their sense of humor keeps us laughing as we are working out.  There is such a positive atmosphere.  They have helped me in so many ways and are always there to give helpful advice and guidance.  I look forward to going to boot camp.  I feel better after leaving there and I have a sense of accomplishment that makes me feel good about myself.  I have done exercises that I never thought I could do and have improved my endurance over the years.  I couldn’t imagine my life without Bootcamp. There is a sense of comradery there.  I have made so many friends and it has truly been a positive experience.  Thank you so much for your hard work in giving us a great experience.


Paula has been a dedicated Fit 360 member since we launched our first Boot Camp over 4 years ago!  She’s taken over 25 sessons (that’s currently 315 Boot Camp classes) and does not stop there!  Paula actively particpates in TRX Suspension Training, Outdoor Boot Camps, and Circuit Saturdays!  Impressed???  We are too!  Paula is driven!  She gives 110% every class and constantly keeps focused and challenges herself.  She may not realize this but she motivates us, the instructors, too!  She brings great energy to the class and she inspires all around her.  Thank you Paula for being an amazing you and for keeping fitness a part of your lifestyle! 

We asked Paula a few questions to share with our fans and this is what Paula had to say:

1. Why is exercise so important to you?  I had been athletic in high school and college but did not exercise regularly for many years before starting Bootcamp in 2009. I was in bad shape. Bootcamp exercise healed my “broken heart”,  literally and figuratively in helping me overcome grief/loss and my own medical issues involving heart disease and a banged up knee.  I have come a long way losing weight, building endurance, becoming stronger, improving my diet, and managing stress.  Exercise is a way to take care of body-mind-and spirit.  It has helped me realize I can accept  my weaknesses and problem areas and still be as strong, healthy, and happy as I can!

2. What is your favorite type of workout and why?  My favorite type of workout is circuit training and what I think is called “stations” where we do a variety of cardio and strength training moves with very short breaks in between. i love the physical and mental challenge to keep up, the variety, and the whole body and mind workout! and it is fun! to be honest, i love all the workouts that it is hard to pick a favorite.

3. How do you keep motivated? Who inspires you?  I keep motivated and inspired on two levels, internally as I learn to trust and believe in myself and externally by the people in my life and in my heart! I want to be here with those I love, my family and friends for as long as I can!  I keep motivated and inspired by everyone in bootcamp surrounding me each class and by our awesome instructors.  I know I couldn’t stick with exercise without everyone else who is there in classes with me. Our class members and instructors give me energy, friendly competition, inspiration, and motivation to keep going when I would otherwise give up! Its a shared journey.  There are unfinished goals I want to achieve and always new goals ahead too!  I am so thankful for Bootcamp, for Rosanne and Kelly and everyone who I have been in classes with. Thank you all!


One reason we proudly selected Edie as Member of the Month is for her strong dedication, perseverance and hard work towards exercise and nutrition. Edie has displayed a contagious sense of willpower to change her life!  She has consistently exercised with us 2-3 times per week over the past 2 ½ years and adheres to a regimented nutrition plan. We admire Edie for the action she has taken to change her health. It hasn’t been easy, but through her persistence and commitment she has managed to change her life and achieve her goals! We are so proud of you! Edie, we truly wanted to THANK YOU for displaying the wherewithal to accomplish your goals. YOU are truly an inspiration to anyone who is looking to get healthy and achieve their fitness/nutrition goals for a healthier lifestyle!  It is possible, and you DID it! Congratulations and THANK YOU for allowing us to be a part of your life!

We asked Edie to share the following with our readers:

Why do you enjoy exercise?  I enjoy the challenge.  Every time I work out I feel so energized and young. 

What do you enjoy about Fit 360? I love the instructors. They know that they can challenge me and I am more than willing to try a new exercise.  Even when we are working out, we enjoy each other’s company, and most importantly–we have FUN!

 What are your three top favorite exercises? 

  • I like doing anything that is ab related – it kills but it feels great when you are done. 
  • I also like doing exercise using weights and there several cardio workouts that we do that are fantastic!
  • I love challenges and new types of exercise.  That’s what keeps me coming back because they know how to keep it fresh.

Share your fitness journey with our readers: I started coming to Fit360 approximately 2-1/2 years ago.  Prior to coming my exercise routine had been working non-stop.  Basically caught in the cycle of doing for everyone else and forgetting about me-and because of that my health really suffered.  After a visit to my doctor, I knew that I had better get focused on me!  That’s when I started with Fit360.  I was in a bad place, a place I do not wish to be ever again.  Since I have made that life altering decision, my health is fantastic, I have lost nearly 50 pounds and my life belongs to me again.  I feel younger and stronger than I have in years.  Thank you Fit360!


One reason we proudly selected Lynn as our March Memeber of the Month is for her willingness to try any exercise we present to her.  Lynn will be working so hard at something but still give a smile no matter what.  Her smile is infectious and she probably doesn’t realize this but she motivates us too!  Thank you Lynn!  We asked Lynn to share the following with our readers:

Why do you enjoy exercise?  It keeps me feeling young, motivated and energetic.  I like to participate in group activities. 

What do you enjoy about Fit360? I like the instructors and fellow participants — you are a great bunch of people.  I like the challenges you offer, the camaraderie and the variety of exercises – it’s never boring!

What are your three top favorites exercises?

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Sit ups/Crunches
  • Kick Boxing
  • You didn’t ask for my least favorite but it is Turkish Get Ups (or whatever you call them).  I am striving to be able to to do them someday!

Share your fitness journey with our readers: I started coming to Fit360 approximately four years ago.  Before that I participated in Jazzercise, ran a few 10K’s and 5K’s.  I joined Bally’s and the YMCA (water aerobics), rowed on the summer rowing league with the Western Reserve Rowing Association.  I also like to walk the stairs with my friends at work.  What keeps me motivated is that I want to look and feel young.  I would like to lose a little more weight and keep it off and tone up.  When I’m feeling down, exercise lifts my spirits and energizes me.  Heart disease runs in my family and I want to continue to keep up with my two sons and dogs.  I would like to continue to participate in as many exercise activities as I can.