NEW! Fit 360™ Health & Fitness Assessments

• Understanding your current fitness and risk level is ideal for everyone from the beginner to the elite exerciser. Undergoing a Fitness Assessment and Health Risk Appraisal will test your ability to perform activities which is applicable to your workout programming. Additionally, you will be educated about your individual profile and a detailed report will be sent to you by your Trainer. Completing one of our comprehensive Fitness Assessments will provide you with a new appreciation about why exercise should be an important factor in your life and health maintenance. All Assessments are 1-hour in length. Select from the following:
• 1. Health Risk Assessment: Attracts the general population helping identify risks for disease prevention. Assessment includes, but not limited to, Resting Heart Rate and Blood Pressure testing, Body Mass Index, Waist to Hip Ratio, Body Composition and Heart Rate intensity guidelines. Fee: $15
• 2. General + Physical Fitness Assessment: Are you looking to expand your knowledge about exercise purpose and goal setting? We will assess your cardiovascular fitness by various field tests which will determine your physical skill set for functional performance. Fee: $30
• 3. General + Physical + Sport Conditioning Assessment: Specially crafted for the athlete or athlete at heart. This performance driven Assessment will allow our team to determine your individual strengths and limitations to specifically improve your performance technique. This offering is by individual appointment only. Contact our office for pricing.
To Schedule: Please see our contact information.
January 7, 2010 (Saturday): Sessions Begin 9am-Noon. *Registration is Required before January 2. *Assessments will be done in the Aerobic Room, Fieldhouse and use of a Treadmill if required. Each assessment is unique.
Additional Dates Available! *Schedule online or phone.

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