NEW Fit 360™ Nutritional Coaching Sessions

Take those important first steps toward improving your health and wellness! It all begins with what and how you eat! Customized weight loss programs to suite your metabolic profile.
• Comprehensive nutrition assessment
• Review of your health history and lifestyle needs/habits
• Increase your energy, concentration and awareness of your food intake
• Food Diary
• Focused and realistic goal-setting to achieve success
Please note: Registration is required to attend group sessions. Registration deadline January 1st.
January 2, 2012: 6:00-6:45pm Aerobic Room – Group Session
January 4, 2012: 6:00-6:45pm Aerobic Room – Group Session
Fee: $15 for one group session.
Small Group Sessions Available by appointment. Sessions will be in Civic Center or Fieldhouse. *Call for more information.
Individual sessions by appointment only. *Contact Rosanne Cifani 216-447-4438 or schedule online appointment  online.