On-Site Services

  • Health Screenings with Result Consultations: Improve and track key Bio-markers, such as Cholesterol, Height, Weight, Resting Blood Pressure, Resting Heart Rate, BMI (Body Mass Index), Waist-to-Hip, Body Composition, Flexibility, Body Fat Analysis, Lean/Fat Weight Comparisons and additional testing and/or services available.
  • Wellness Programs, but not limited to: Themed Programs tailored to your organization’s culture or tied to the National Health Observances. Stress Reduction Management Workshops, Nutritional/Health Coaching (Guided by Fit360™ Online Tracking Programs, Exercise and Nutrition Activity Logs). Healthy Eating practices and guidance, Employee Nutrition/Exercise Journaling and Group/Private Wellness accounts with real time reporting system.
  • Fitness Challenges/Incentive Based: Employee Team Building Challenges, “Just Lose It”: a weekly weigh in and weight loss challenge with incentives. Calorie & Inches Lost/Weight Loss Challenges, Daily/Weekly/Monthly Fitness Challenges, Access to Online Personal Trainer/With Video exercises employees can implement at home, 10/20/30 minuteexercise routine packet including instructions and illustrations to be performed at the desk and home. *No equipment needed. (Online video also available). Online Social Networking Fitness Challenges, Incentive based.
  • Fitness Classes: at Lunch or after Work (30, 45 or 60 minute options). Yoga Classes/Mind Body Connection.
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Seated Chair Massages (15 or 30 minute options).
  • Employee Tools: Activity Logs, Fitness, Weight Management Plans, Behavioral Change Programs, Printed Educational materials, Employee Educational Displays, Employee Interest Surveys, Health Risk Interventions, Smoking Cessation
  • Programs, Physician Referrals. Employee Spotlights.