Read what some of our clients had to say…

I started taking Fit 360 classes in April, 2010.  The class programs have changed my life.  I am finally fit and I have the body I have wante for my whole life.  I have recieved numerous compliments regarding my shape and my weight loss.  Rosanne has motivated me to do things I never thought I would do.  For example, I never thought I would be a runner.  I ran my first 10K on Sunday, May 15, 2011 and I plan on running in more races this summer.  I lost 2 full clothing sizes since I began the program last year.  I like the classes because each one is different and challenging.  I finally found something that works for me and helps me control my weight and stress level.

~Lisa M.

I just wanted to THANK YOU for coming into my life! I want to tell you, you are the “BOOT CAMP ANGEL!”
All of my friends were asking me what I have been doing to change my body? I told them, it was a combination of Boot Camp and Nutritional Coaching. Through the combination of aerobic and anaerobic training my body has transformed even through this time of Menopause which has been a struggle for me for 5 years. I couldn’t figure out what was happening to my body. I kept gaining weight, so I went to the doctor and they told me it was my hormones from menopause. Now, after meeting you, everything in my life has been changing. My moods are more positive, my body is stronger and I have actually been motivated to workout! My clothes now actually look great on me which is very exciting to me personally! Your classes are so diverse and I look forward to each and every class! So THANK YOU Rosanne for helping me transform my body, my moods and energy levels.
~Renee G.

Let me start out by saying THANK YOU! I have been introduced to your class, and in the two weeks that I have been coming, I have already noticed an increase in my strength and energy. Thanks again for all you do….I never thought I would be so excited to get up at 5am to exercise, but I am.
~Cassie S.

I was apprehensive to join your class at first! The word “boot camp” scared me. I also was nervous to workout since I haven’t worked out in 10 years. I was so out of shape that I was embarrassed to join ANY kind of class or workout in front of people. Your class methodology is brilliant, to help accommodate people like me! I didn’t feel intimidated by any means and now my cardiovascular endurance is phenomenal. My body has transformed through the weight training and all of my friends are jealous! HA HA.
PS…My Husband loves my new “booty”……
~Anne S.

Dear Rosanne - I knew what to do, eat less and exercise more, but I had no motivation. My Christmas Gift last year was a paid class to Boot Camp in January. The class changed my lifestyle. I want to work out and even plan my calendar around workouts…No two are ever the same. It is motivating to me to see muscle formation and a flatter belly. And saying goodbye to the “Sister Bootie” is nice too! I’m Hooked!
~Chris K.

Rosanne - You’re an inspiration to all! Keep up the good work!
~Bobbi G.

I just want you to know how much I enjoy your classes! I know I am the granny of the class but that’s o.k. with me. The senior classes at other centers were not a challenge. I have worked with Weight Watchers for 5 years now. You had to lose your weight on their program in order to be employed. You must not be 2 pounds over or under your goal weight. There is a monthly weigh in (and surprise weigh ins (that you are unable to “fudge”.) The weight range for my height (5′ 4″) is 122 to 146 pounds. My goal weight is 136. My August weight was 132.2 which was “fudged” because I kept shoes and heavier clothes on which I NEVER do. Any other time I take off as much clothing before I could get arrested.
I received a call from my territory manager about my weight. I told her the truth about Boot Camp which has been one of the best things that I ever did for myself. She told me to change my goal weight then. I told her I have a “summer weight” and a “winter weight”; and did not know if I could maintain my weight without the exercise component! Thank You!
~Marty V.

I truly enjoyed Boot Camp. I was working out at the Recreation Center on my own but always did the same exercises. Boot Camp utilizes a diverse range of exercises working on different muscles. Rosanne and Karen are very knowledgeable and helpful and their humor is delightful. Who said exercising can’t be fun! This motivated me in doing things I didn’t think I was capable of doing. Being a diabetic this has improved my health and made me stronger!
~Collette S.


Thank God for Boot Camp Rosanne, someone has to whip us into shape! I wanted to thank you for all of your help and inspiration! I am addicted to your classes! I am a manager of a very successful, high energy restaurant. Since I joined your class, I have noticed my stress level has come down and my nutrition level has gone up. Thank you for also introducing me to Juice Plus, which now ensures I get all the fruits and veggies I need even during my hectic days.

To the boot camp queen, from the Charlies Angels. You’re the Bosley, you give us the mission and we complete it. All 3 of us joined and we love it! We can’t wait for the next class. You always change it up and we love it!
~The Charlies Angels

Rosanne and Karen- Thanks so much for the great class!!! I so enjoyed the exercise, meeting new people, and learning new things. Your classes are awesome!!! I was a treadmill junkie but could never get the results I wanted. I now know and understand the importance of adding weights. Thanks again for a great six weeks.
~Mary P.

I absolutely love this class! It is a great way to keep in shape!
~Cory S.

Rosanne -I have seen an improvement in my overall health. I am sleeping better, less anxiety, and less food cravings.
~Heather O.

Dear Rosanne – You and Karen have been truly inspirational. I am completing my second session of “Boot Camp” and look forward to continuing taking more sessions. This class has given me the ability to work harder when I go to the gym. I actually look forward to working out! You girls are amazing!
~Shelly P.

This class has really got me into being active again and looking forward to working out even outside of class. Even made lifting weights do able. I like when you yell “KEEP THOSE ABS IN!”

I thought Boot Camp was excellent for both those getting back into working out and even those who do workout! I have great cardio, but this class killed mel I LOVED IT! Lots of core work. It was great! A great class.
~Sharon R.

This class has given me the motivation to get in shape and enjoy exercising again. I actually look forward to coot camp and working out!
~Carol N.

I needed to do this program. I had allowed myself to decline physically and Fit 360 really helped to refocus on the importance on fitness. It’s not easy but it’s good. You really get an intense workout that doesn’t get old!
~Larry R.


This was an awesome class! I feel great! See you next session!
~Angela R.